Chronos Ruler Episode 1

Chronos Ruler is a fantasy/supernatural show about time-eating demons called Horologia, and a pair of men, Kiri Putin and Victo Putin, who fight them using the power of time. In the past, Kiri was unable to save his mother from death, and in their anguish, and wishing to turn back time, a Horologia was summoned. After the Horologia bit Victo, and began to steal his time away from him, both Victo and Kiri make a contract with some weird time crystal to slow Victo’s aging (backwards).

[Ohys-Raws] Jikan no Shihaisha - 01 [720p]-muxed_001_19986.png

In the first episode, a girl named Koyuki has recently lost her brother after he died saving her from getting hit by a car. In her desperation, Koyuki follows the legends of wishing at a clock tower to turn back time, in an attempt to be reunited with her brother. The timely arrival of Victo and Kiri saves her life from being consumed by the demon, and they teach her the importance of valuing the time that you do have with a person, and taking care of your memories together.

This show looks pretty good. There were some cool, if a bit cheesy action scenes, and the basis of the story is pretty cool. There were a few iffy CG shots, but overall, the animation was very nice. You may enjoy this show if you’re into darker settings, and supernatural stuff, but don’t like as serious of a tone.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Chronos Ruler airs on Sundays, and can be watched on Crunchyroll.


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