Fox Spirit Matchmaker Episode 1

Fox Spirit Matchmaker is about a young fox yokai girl who, unlike the rest of her clan, has little to no power of her own. While the leaders of her clan consult to marry her off to a human to make her useful, she has plans of her own, trying to work as a yokai matchmaking consultant (basically, they try to make people remember the memories of their previous life and love). The story also follows Bai Yue Chu, a young man with an incredible amount of debt to the fox yokai, and a talent for anti-yokai martial arts.


Episode one throws us into the show with not really a whole lot of context about the current state of the world or anything. We quickly meet our two main characters, and find out quite easily that they are actually destined to be married to one another. The show devolved into a few fight scenes by about the halfway point, with some really obvious and out-of-place tropes thrown in there almost haphazardly. The show ends on a somewhat strange note, leaving the viewer still wondering what the heck even happened that episode.

To be frank, I wasn’t that big of a fan of the show. It felt like it was trying too hard to be goofy and silly, and wasn’t taking itself seriously enough to play into the (actually decent) story that it could potentially have. I’ll give it a few episodes, but don’t be surprised if i drop this one, though please tell me if it gets better. I’ll appreciate it.


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