Tsurezure Children Episode 1

A shorter show, Tsurezure Children is essentially a collection of self-contained stories all taking place at the same high school, featuring a variety of young couples, of all varieties. With the episodes only being 12-13 minutes long, each little mini-arc is kind of short, but sweet as well. If you enjoy romance, and want to get your fix with a cute, short show, you’ll definitely enjoy Tsurezure children.


Episode 1 shows us 4 different confession scenes, from a boy getting confessed to by his shy crush, to the bubbly but laid-back class rep confessing to the boy she likes during after-school duties. Then there’s the student council president, who makes a deal with the school delinquent that she will help him fall in love with her, as long as he keeps quiet about her smoking on campus. Finally, we see the adoring junior working up her courage to confess to her club Senpai on the last night before he graduates.

I enjoyed this episode of Tsurezure Children a lot, actually. Each story was short and sweet, but didn’t feel disjointed at all. The art and music are both very good, and the characters were all interesting. Especially student council president. I’m always up for a good romance, and this show looks like it will be pretty good.


Episodes should be releasing every Tuesday.

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