Symphogear AXZ Episode 1

Imagine cyber-magical girls who sing while they fight wielding awesome and stupidly large weapons. That’s basically Symphogear, in a nutshell. Beautiful animation, great music, quad-wielding miniguns… this show has it all. The latest installment of a longer-running series, Symphogear AXZ keeps the formula from the last shows, making it surprisingly fun to watch.]

maxresdefault (2)

Symphogear follows a group of girls working for an organization called S.O.N.G. (creative, I know), that’s basically a task force combating evil magic users, like alchemists and the like. There’s a wierd blend between magic and alchemy, and they transform using shards of an ancient sword called Dainsleif… But the plot doesn’t matter all that much because EXPLOSIONS!

Yeah, it’s not the most plot-heavy show on the market, but it sure is enjoyable. Plus, this time they’re up against the Illuminati??? Sign me up! Honestly, this show probably won’t be making any of my favorites lists, but it’s fun nonetheless. So just enjoy it!


Symphogear AXZ should be releasing on Sundays.

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