Knight’s and Magic Episode 1

If you enjoy magic, or mechs, or fantasy worlds, you’ll probably enjoy Knight’s and Magic. Following a Japanese programmer who gets hit by a car and is reincarnated into a fantasy world as the son of a noble, Knight’s and Magic is a light-novel-turned-anime. In the first episode, they set up the scenario, give us a few tastes of our characters, then do two enormous, three-year timeskips in order to get us to the action. While I don’t mind that they are trying to fit a lot of content into a small number of episodes, I would have preferred to get at least one episode to really let us get to know our core characters.


Because of the timeskips, we don’t really get a chance to get emotionally invested in the core cast, so if things end up going badly, I don’t really think it’d be that big of a deal for us as the viewers. There’s a lot of content left to get through, and i’m pretty hopeful for this show, so I hope the pacing gets fixed.

The animation looks beautiful, the soundtrack is great, and the story seems like something that might be pretty interesting to watch. But really, only the future knows what this show will hold, so i’ll hold off on making any concrete judgements for a while.


Knight’s and Magic will be airing on Sundays.

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